Even though creating and auditing the ERC20 and TGE Smart contract took more time than expected, we didn’t waste it waiting. This is what we have been doing:

1. Upcoming events where we are registered to participate:

1.1. Blockchain Life - one of the biggest blockchain, cryptocurrency and mining events…

The auction has finished, but the stories remain

At the event, a unique lot was sold for 1,000,000 rubles. This is one of the elements of the crypto-art collection Labyrinth — “Golden Ticket”. It was created for collectors and the most loyal fans of the famous metal band Outkast. …

On July 15, a significant event for the cryptocurrency and NFT community took place in Moscow: Foil Network held the world’s first private offline NFT auction, combined with a meetup.
At the event, a proprietary FOIL technology called Pure NFT was presented, which is a non-fungible token with the ability…

“Atypical personal path, wrong and uncharacteristic” — Sergey Elkin.

Foil Network is pleased to share information about the participants of the offline NFT auction, which will take place on July 15 in Moscow. One of them will be Sergey Elkin, a Russian cartoonist and architect.

You are probably already familiar with his work: his pieces were regularly published in…

Minimizing the gas fees of the FOIL Elastic Blockchain

Tokenomics & gas fees

It’s not that easy to understand tokenomics on your own, so we tried to cover the primary points in this article. You will learn about the crypto assets used in FOIL blockchain and the differences between utility and gas tokens.

Utility tokens are one of the methods of fundraising for…

“Once we advanced into building the elastic blockchain infrastructure we realized how vulnerable and unstable most of the popular blockchains and dApps are” — Foil Network

Foil NFT on-chain marketplace and Private Offline NFT Auction.

Foil Pure NFT Art Contest was recently launched, and from Foil Network we are proud to announce more upcoming events. There are many things to look forward to this month. The major events are NFT Marketplace launch, Blockchain Interactions campaign and the upcoming initial decentralised offering.

“On-chain NFT storage, metadata, verified ownership and authorship… This is Pure NFT”

Blockchain storage, verified authorship.

Virtual culture and virtual property in global digitization is an ongoing process that requires authenticity and reliability behind every tokenized asset, especially NFTs. Non-fungible-tokens are not just metadata and hash links to original digital art, but considered to be the actual ‘containers’ of value behind the original masterpieces. …

“Less talk, more action. We make the blockchain work, we use it… only then we tell about it” — Foil Network

Foil Network continues to develop and launch the MVP exactly as planned and even ahead of the project Roadmap. This spring our elastic blockchains network has launched multiple viable products, and followed the planned events as they are reflected in Foil Roadmap.

Mainnet, chain explorer, thousands of adopters

The past month Foil have successfully launched the…

Bronze stage for Blockchain Interactions Airdrop has been successfully completed with thousands of participants. FOIL blockchain successfully on-boarded thousands of new FOIL ecosystem users and received an increased demand for information and participation in upcoming presale and IDO. …

“We don’t talk about what blockchain can do, we make it work, and then we use it” — FOIL Network

We recently launched our mainnet, “The FOIL blockchain”. You can see the performance on our two versions of the block explorer:

  • DataVision is our improved and more structured version of a block explorer, we are currently improving it and opening new sections with data.
  • Foilscan is the old version, not…

FOIL Network

FOIL Network is a new breed of interoperable, high speed, and elastic blockchains.

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