FOIL Network

What is Foil Network?

Foil Network is a Public Permissioned Blockchain Ecosystem, running on a Proof-of-Stake consensus, created to solve the existing and future problems of NFTs thanks to the Pure NFT technology.

The NFT market is leaving behind its first stage of discovery and speculation, and new applications are appearing, as well as regulations, which require a strong and secure ecosystem where crypto-assets and transactions between digital creators and users have guarantees.

Foil Network has created this blockchain ecosystem thanks to the following technologies:

- Proof of identity: on-chain ID verification for content creators.

- Pure NFT: all the token data is stored directly on the blockchain. This implies the on-chain storage of the ID, the file itself and its metadata, as well as other information about its provenance and creator.

The combination of these technologies guarantees:

- NFTs are protected on the blockchain. In NFT ERC721 only the token ID and Smart contract are stored on the blockchain, and the file and metadata are stored on centralized storage or IPFS, which means that they don't really belong to the owner and can be altered or deleted. A Pure NFT token is a unique digital entity fully stored and secured on the blockchain that totally belongs to the user thanks to an implemented ownership licence.

- Other additional features, such as low transaction fees, low energy consumption, high transaction speed and low price for DApps development.

What are Foil Network available tools?

- Foil Full Node, with an admin interface containing diffent tools to create different types of transactions, in total more than 25 use cases.

- Foil Web, where users can interact with on-chain DApps and application developers can create streamlined user experiences.

- Block explorer

- Foil sandbox, a TestNet where users have no limitations to try all the different features.

- Ready to use SDK, API and RPC to create new DaPPs and interfaces on Foil protocol.

- Erachain mobile wallet for inclusive access to P2P interactions in Foil Network blockchain.


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FOIL Network

FOIL Network is a new breed of interoperable, high speed, and elastic blockchains.