Releasing the first Pure NFTs.

Blockchain storage, verified authorship.

Virtual culture and virtual property in global digitization is an ongoing process that requires authenticity and reliability behind every tokenized asset, especially NFTs. Non-fungible-tokens are not just metadata and hash links to original digital art, but considered to be the actual ‘containers’ of value behind the original masterpieces. As most of the NFTs are hash-linked and metadata-based, with third sources of NFT storage such as IPFS and cloud infrastructures, Foil Network are proud to continue developing Pure NFT, in order to solve the ongoing problem behind the NFT market, causing valuable NFT art to be altered and disappear.

In April 2021 FOIL presented the future standard for NFT crypto art and tokenized assets with direct storage on the blockchain and verified ownership for each NFT content media, behind every Pure NFT asset on Foil elastic blockchain. In May 2021 our blockchain-as-a-service network has started inviting the NFT artists to create their first NFT artworks with NFT storage and NFT minting fees covered by Foil Network.

Now Foil Network are happy to announce that the first Pure NFTs have been released by various talented NFT artists and authors, opening the world of Pure NFT standard and NFT Marketplace being developed and soon launched by Foil Team.

Foil Network has initiated Pure NFT ART Competition between NFT artists within the Pure NFT community, in order to let FOIL community vote for the best NFT artwork with good prizes and positive vibes behind the digital art community.

The electronic voting for the best NFT masterpiece will be taken throughout FOIL e-voting solutions, letting every FOIL blockchain user to participate in a unique electronic voting for one NFT art masterpiece. The winners will get his artwork purchased by Foil Network!

Welcome to the world of Pure NFT!

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