Pure NFT will take FOIL Network to the moon.

Launch of the FOIL Network that will bring new NFT standard and FOIL NFT Marketplace.

Today 12.04 in Cosmonautics Day, we are initiating the official launch of FOIL Network, a solid network of compatible, rapid, and elastic blockchains. The blockchain technology behind is unveiling a new generation of fully scalable and compatible cross-chain DeFi and Blockchain-as-a-Service products. At FOIL we believe that decentralization and DLT are technologies that can solve numerous problems in government and business organizations, and FOIL Network is the blockchain technology that everyone has been waiting for.

Problem to solve.

The big revolution of NFT Marketplaces is now reaching a high point, with over $20 Billion market cap and 1785% exploding growth in 2021, even before the complete formation and establishment of the NFT Market.

Pure NFT Standard.


NFT Marketplace.

Pure NFT offered by FOIL Network is a completely solid and stand-alone platform, offering an NFT Marketplace with storage capabilities up to 20 Mbytes per original digital art piece, with an upcoming extended size up to 250 Mbytes. The identity verification and rapid transaction and block processing at FOIL gives the crypto artists a big advantage, compared to centralised NFT Marketplaces.



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FOIL Network

FOIL Network

FOIL Network is a new breed of interoperable, high speed, and elastic blockchains.