Pure NFT will take FOIL Network to the moon.

FOIL Network
3 min readApr 12, 2021


FOIL Network April 12, 2021

Launch of the FOIL Network that will bring new NFT standard and FOIL NFT Marketplace.

Today 12.04 in Cosmonautics Day, we are initiating the official launch of FOIL Network, a solid network of compatible, rapid, and elastic blockchains. The blockchain technology behind is unveiling a new generation of fully scalable and compatible cross-chain DeFi and Blockchain-as-a-Service products. At FOIL we believe that decentralization and DLT are technologies that can solve numerous problems in government and business organizations, and FOIL Network is the blockchain technology that everyone has been waiting for.

Problem to solve.

The big revolution of NFT Marketplaces is now reaching a high point, with over $20 Billion market cap and 1785% exploding growth in 2021, even before the complete formation and establishment of the NFT Market.

Most NFT art collectors and investors are proud to have their NFTs, digital art collections and property ownership secured over the blockchain. But there’s a big unresolved question, how secure is the data behind the non-fungible-token?

Yes, most NFTs don’t really permanently live on a blockchain. And the problem is where and how NFTs are stored. Solutions as IPFS simply don’t guarantee that the data can’t be erased or replicated. There’s a big chance of losing or having the data altered at any moment.

Pure NFT Standard.


In FOIL Network we are proud to introduce the Pure NFT standard and to offer the opportunity of a new way to store NFT art directly in the blockchain.

Instead of storing files in a cloud storage, platform servers, or on IPFS, FOIL Proof-of-Stake platform brings to life the reliable and bulletproof Pure NFT by FOIL Network, a completely new standard for ERC721 and BEP721 NFTs. The token data is stored directly in the blockchain and is fully available to Binance Smart Chain “and possibly become a global blockchain technology.” and Ethereum communities. The NFT storage or PureNFT services is available to popular NFT Marketplaces to consider the further adoption among their customers.

FOIL blockchain is expanding and launching ready-to-use BaaS solutions, such as KYC/AML module, built-in decentralized exchange module, electronic voting, encrypted documents, data creation, fully scalable on-chain storage and creation of numerous DeFi instruments.

NFT Marketplace.

Pure NFT offered by FOIL Network is a completely solid and stand-alone platform, offering an NFT Marketplace with storage capabilities up to 20 Mbytes per original digital art piece, with an upcoming extended size up to 250 Mbytes. The identity verification and rapid transaction and block processing at FOIL gives the crypto artists a big advantage, compared to centralised NFT Marketplaces.

Pure NFT has numerous advantages, compared to other popular centralized NFT Marketplaces. Besides direct cross-chain compatibilities, the new FOIL Marketplace offers low costs for NFT creation, low gas fees for the NFT transfers and solid validation of the authenticity of NFT property via identity verification and permanent storage.

The block processing speed ranges between 5 and 20 seconds per block, and the block size exceeds the maximum Bitcoin block size dozens of times and can reach up to 60 Mbytes, with an average block size 20Mbytes. FOIL platform has massive functional integrations, such as a decentralized exchange, on-chain KYC and AML, document creation, signing and built on liquid democracy and DAO operational capabilities.

The proof-of-stake based FOIL Network also allows users to stake, mine or lend the digital crypto assets, and all the services complete each other in a whole new generation of enterprise-grade solutions and transparent and rapid architecture.

Fast and convenient NFT storage along with fully confirmed ownership and liquidity behind the platform with the dual token economy are among the primary reasons why you should prefer to go for Pure NFT, considering how different are the reliability and warranties at the popular crypto-art NFT marketplaces with centralized storage capabilities.

Participate in Foil Interactions and enjoy extra rewards allocated to every early crypto adopter. Find out more about our blockchain ecosystem and technology behind the FOIL Network.

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