Most expensive Pure NFT - Golden Ticket

The auction has finished, but the stories remain

At the event, a unique lot was sold for 1,000,000 rubles. This is one of the elements of the crypto-art collection Labyrinth — “Golden Ticket”. It was created for collectors and the most loyal fans of the famous metal band Outkast. The ticket is a unique piece of crypto-art and an NFT artifact.

This NFT token entitles you to possess a unique set of band privileges and artifacts. The artwork was created by world-renowned artist and sculptor Salavat Fidai. He has worked with Marvel, HBO, 20th Century Fox, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber and more. “TV Man,” who is featured on each of the collection’s four sets, is Salavat’s character. Using his image, Salavat created the visuals for the digital cover of the single, collector’s card, music video and ticket included in the collection.

“We were lucky enough to colёlaborate with Salavat Fiday. And it wasn’t originally planned. First, Anton and I came across his Forbes interview. We were impressed and inspired by it. And even before the creation of our project, I wrote to Salavat on Instagram and posted tracks of my band. I didn’t even think he would respond. He’s an outstanding person and a very talented artist. But he responded and we had a little chat about creativity. — Alexey Sukharev, entrepreneur, co-founder of the production center Era NFT Production, the author of the business idea, says, — After that we started cooperating with “Outkast” and gradually, more and more diving into the NFT market, studying successful projects, we came to the conclusion that the best business move is a collaboration. We started looking for an artist. I offered the collaboration to Salavat, and he accepted, saying that it was a pleasure for him to be a part of the project and that he was glad we offered him such a revolutionary project for the Russian music industry.

Later, when I was monitoring resources devoted to NFT, I came across Evgeny Kuzin. And together with Foil Network, we solved all the technical issues. By Eugene’s invitation we took part in the auction, — continued Aleksey — By the way, we created this project pretty quickly. We were very “driven” by the fact that we would be releasing the first music release in Russia by professional musicians on NFT. I had the ideological and communication task, and my business partner Anton Polyakov had the technical and strategic task. Somewhere in the process of work there were technical difficulties, but Salavat helped us to cope with them. He works in our collaboration not only as an artist and sculptor, but also as a project partner. Before our cooperation he already had considerable experience in the creation of the NFT”.

The ticket purchaser received a package of unique privileges:

“The ticket is a cool lot, for it brings people back from cyberspace to reality.
  • free lifetime access to IP seats at all ‘Outkast’ concerts for 4 people (the St. Petersburg metal band was the first here too, as no other band in Russia had ever given such an opportunity to their fans before),
  • a personal CD with a recording of the band’s new single and autographs of all the creators of the collection,
  • a new single in digital format with a digital cover by Salavat Fidayi, unique records of rehearsals and soundchecks of ‘Outkast’,
  • demo versions of the new single and an animated gold card created by Salavat especially for this collection.

And we believe in the work and the power of NFT. For example, the famous band Korn also recently released a work in NFT format.”

“We’re focused on our main project for now. There are no specifics on new projects yet, there are ideas. But we would like to continue working with Salavat in the future. We also like the philosophy of Foil Network. They have an interesting and promising business idea,” summed up Alexey Sukharev, “And we believe in their success in the near future.



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