FOIL Network technology and Background

As the first launch of FOIL service, we are more than happy to announce the upcoming launch of Pure NFT Marketplace — the NFT community with low fees and on-chain NFT storage, built for artists, content creators and Pure NFT transactions with NFT staking capabilities.

FOIL Network is a solid network of compatible, rapid, and elastic blockchains. The independent and innovative DLT is focused on establishing a credible and easily integrated Blockchain-as-a-Service. The network has been built in terms of everyday business use: verifying identities of investors, contributors, community members, validators and counterparties, based on the immutable and transparent blockchain technology.

FOIL develops quickly, as it delivers multiple solutions, such as built-in functions for enterprise, IoT and smart contract capable, KYC/AML module, built in decentralized exchange module, voting module, fully functional identity gate protocol, messenger, encrypted document creation, signature and fully scalable storage, tokenization of real world assets capable, creation of DeFi instruments and securitization of crypto assets. Moreover, it is compatible with Java-based enterprise solutions and API capable layer.

FOIL Proof-of-Stake platform brings to life completely decentralized environments while solving the digital identity issues and providing additional protection from malicious users entering the blockchain ecosystem.

“We don’t talk about what blockchain can do, we make it work, and then we use it” — FOIL Network

Behind the FOIL Network

The team

The FOIL team is integrated by blockchain enthusiasts and early adopters, with a single goal: to make Blockchain-as-a-Service solutions accessible, recognized and demanded by the global business.

Digital assets behind the FOIL economy

MVolt is a stablecoin, used as a gas token for the FOIL Network. The FOIL token is created in order to maintain the liquidity behind the FOIL ecosystem. The fiat value of MVolt is a solid value of certain amount of storage or transactions within the FOIL Network, while the FOIL token is reevaluated and paired against Ethereum, Binance Coin and Bitcoin.

The FOIL protocol

In terms of building the next generation of blockchain, the development of the protocol was launched in 2014 as Erachain platform, and was a real breakthrough in the blockchain field, providing a protocol for operations within the legal framework. After years of development and testing the functionality and optimizing the rapid block processing, we are ready for the FOIL Genesis Block.

FOIL Network


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FOIL Network

FOIL Network

FOIL Network is a new breed of interoperable, high speed, and elastic blockchains.