Foil Network Ambassador Program

Foil Network is excited to announce the launch of the Ambassador Program! This community-focused program aims to introduce participants to the Foil Network and provide the opportunity to create a variety of original content to expand Foil’s resource base and reach.

We’re looking for enthusiastic and creative individuals to join the Foil Network Ambassador Program. Looking to dive straight into the depths of the ocean of crypto, blockchain, GameFi and Web3? This is for you!

This is the first phase of open call submissions. This is your chance to get creative! Remember that we are prioritizing quality over quantity

Joining as an Ambassador

By joining the program, you become one of the Ambassadors in the Foil Network around the globe. Each other will take on a set of responsibilities in tune with their skills and coordinate amongst one another, spreading the word across the high-seas.

The program will provide each mate with an opportunity to represent Foil Network in your local community, meet/interact with the core team, engage with other like-minded individuals and experts worldwide, educate and help new supporters find their way, and earn exclusive perks/rewards in the process.

Everything Ambassador needs to do is crucial to the growth of our online and offline community. Whether you are a social butterfly, a product guru, a language expert, or enjoy connecting with others online, we have a mission for you.

Expectations from Foil Network Ambassadors:

We expect everyone to demonstrate the willingness to learn the ropes quickly, communicate effectively, and most importantly, treat others with respect. As a mate in the team, you are the front line and will be representing everything we stand for, so please be sure to act accordingly. You must be active on our social channels and keep an eye on how you can make our events, developments, campaigns, and contests grow.

The Foil Network Ambassadors will comprise members with various specializations and interests. Here is the list of categories we are looking to fill:

  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Partner Outreach
  • Translations
  • Global Expansion
  • Developments

Some ideas for submissions include, but are not limited to:

There have already been some great initiatives taken by the community in terms of content creation, moderation, and more. So if you run or moderate a community Telegram channel, have submitted translations, etc. we encourage you to submit all relevant work and links to us!

Here is a list of the benefits you’ll be exposed to:

  • Receive rewards in the form of tokens or NFT’s
  • Have access to an exclusive ambassadors-only group
  • Have regular calls with Foil Network team members
  • Direct access to executive members of Foil Network
  • Get involved with the direction of internal development
  • Get invited to internal meetings with the Foil Network core team and other ambassadors
  • And other more

We invite interested members from all over the world to join the Foil Network Ambassador Program

To join, fill in this form:

We’ll get in touch over the coming weeks

Follow us on our official channels to stay up to date on all things

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FOIL Network is a new breed of interoperable, high speed, and elastic blockchains.

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FOIL Network

FOIL Network is a new breed of interoperable, high speed, and elastic blockchains.