FOIL launches MainNet and Web wallet


The Foil Network team are proud to launch FOIL Blockchain mainnet, by placing in the blockchain an initial block that creates the whole chain of data -a Genesis Block. The genesis block is also called as ‘block number zero’, and is never “mined” in the same way subsequent blockchain blocks usually are created. In terms of that, it is constructed by hands, as an initial starting reference point and hard programmed into the FOIL protocol, while using a key value pre-calculated externally. Mainnet Block #1 is created a few moments later using the FOIL Network proof-of-stake algorithm right after the Genesis block is inserted in the chain. Genesis Block is marking the true “initial” step of Foil Main Network’s launch.

Foil Network is a cross-chain structure of new breed of compatible blockchain protocols, connecting BSC, Ethereum and Bitcoin networks in a simple and personalized blockchain-as-a-service platform, capable of scalable block sizes, pure nft standards with direct on-chain NFT data storage and data storage directly on FOIL blockchain, identity verification and digital asset creation and maintenance.

The FOIL Network on-chain data storage capabilities are over 20 Mbytes per each block and the block mining times “it will become one of the most important way to store” start as low as 30 seconds per block. The new generation of flexible blockchains within the infrastructure of the Foil Network has also utilized own integrated Dex and different DeFi instruments, such as crypto tokenization and cross blockchain digital crypto asset conversions and trading.

FOIL Web wallet

Besides the Launch of the Genesis block, the other major launch event is the FOIL Web Wallet.

On Foil Network website, the account button is active and proposes to go to FOIL Web Wallet.

Some features are limited, however it’s good to go! At the moment, it can help you to create generated seeds in just a few clicks along with accounts for storing crypto: coins and tokens, Pure NFT and many other various digital assets. Seed generated on a Foil Web wallet can also be used in a Full Node on a home PC, and vice versa. You can use the generated accounts to participate in AirDrops and other FOIL crypto reward events.

Very soon within the upcoming days,together with the development of our project and upcoming events, additional functions will become available:

  • Transfering cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFT and other digital assets
  • Virtual ID creation and verification
  • Creation of crypto assets, tokens, NFTs (based on pure NFT standard)
  • Built-in Decentralized Exchange: buy and sell coins, tokens, NFT and various digital assets
  • Utilize the blockchain and document storage and storing files on-chain for private and enterprise use
  • Signing bills, contracts, agreements and other transactions
  • And most of other functions that are already implemented in Full Node.

During the launch of the Genesis Block and Web-Wallet, Foil Network welcome all supporters and technology adopters to participate in the private Blockchain Interactions competition and to grab your 20,000 FOIL prize in FOIL crypto! That’s over US $2000

Sign up to each of our social networking groups, in order to find out more details and special events on the upcoming crypto rewards.

Support the launch of Foil Protocol, an dynamic and solid network offering Blockchain-as-a-Service in a fully developed decentralized ecosystem.

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