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“A blockchain is an immutable distributed ledger that allows every single transaction to be viewed.”

Charles Silver

Block Explorer. What it is and how it works.

Blockchain transparency core fundamentals require a ‘block explorer’, that defines itself as a web application that allows every single transaction to be viewed.

A block explorer works as a web app solution that connects directly to a specific blockchain, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The blockchain explorer allows the user to view and examine individual blocks of a specific chain, while providing visibility of the transactions and transparent traceability of any activity made by cryptocurrency holders.

The blockchain explorer is a core part of the cryptocurrency’s purpose of full transaction transparency and decentralization. The universal ability of being able to see every detail of a transaction is one of the major differences between crypto and fiat currencies.

Is transparency available to everyone?

Without a block explorer the concept of transparency is not available to everyone. Skillful software engineers or specialists in a specific DLT can study transactions directly by digging into the code, with no need to use a block explorer. But this is not accessible to most of the people, and the generally praised transparency of the blockchain is somehow not that clear after all. Block explorers partially solve this problem, so now anyone can open the block explorer of a specific blockchain and explore the transactions, but not totally.

For example, this is how the digital content behind a particular NFT would look like, shining and beautiful:

And this is how it looks like in Etherscan or any other block explorer, it clearly has no beauty in it. “We know that in the next ten years”

And it could be even worse, in case of IPFS you would get just a bunch of json metadata in your browser, such as a description and some encrypted link that can be used with an external app.

Until today there wasn’t any blockchain explorer solution that could bring both the data behind the NFT in non-raw format, and provide a user-friendly interface displaying the authenticity and pureness of the digital art behind the token.

This is why we are happy to present the FOIL Network Test Net, together with Foil DataVisionFOIL Network Block explorer: delivering the detailed and friendly user experience and taking blockchain transparency to a whole new level.

FOIL DataVisionFOIL Network Block explorer

Foil Block Explorer is a free-to-use web based app solution or MVP of the ongoing Pure NFT Standard Technology development. It offers outstanding functionality and easy-to-use user interface for browsing and examining your favourite NFT art and transactions within the NFT crypto market.

Take a good look on how usable NFT related data is in terms of blockchain data processing related to digital art.

Follow our media channels and give us your opinion, how important it is to utilize the real digital content and data delivery in terms of block explorer usability process.

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